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Clinic phone number in Israel: Phone in Israel +972-52-651-26-54
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Больница Ассута

Israel has an excellent international reputation of its healthcare system. The standards of care in Israeli hospitals are extremely high. Assuta Medical Center today hits the top spot in ranking for the quality of healthcare facilities and services in the country. This is the largest and the most advanced chain of hospitals in Israel with the state-of-the-art operation theaters. All surgeries are performed in compliance with the highest standards. We welcome tourists from all over the world including Europe, Russia, USA, etc.

What makes Assuta Medical Center so great?

Medical standards Medical equipment modern Experts Israel Continuous development
  1. Top Experts. Highly trained medical stuff of any level.
  2. Continuous Professional Development. All doctors and surgeons must continually educate themselves to stay abreast of the latest medical developments and innovations.
  3. Equipment and technologies. Assuta hospitals are equipped with the best medical technologies and innovations.
  4. Norms and regulations. All medical activities in Assuta Medical Center are performed in accordance with the highest standards and protocols set by the Israeli government.
  5. Awards and Recognition. Assuta Medical Center is proud to be honored for its outstanding care and pursuit of higher standards of excellence. We take great pride of our stuff and their accomplishments, as most of them are widely recognized by the worldwide medical community.

What is the admission procedure to Assuta?

Step by Step

  • Medical History

The patients provide their medical history (medical report with clinical condition /former relevant treatments/procedures/results from previous tests (all required information will be requested by our Customer Service Center).

  • Treatment plan.

Our team of specialists creates personal treatment plan to meet the patients needs.

The treatment plan is sent along with its estimated cost before the patient arrives to Israel. This is done to minimize unexpected costs and overpayments.

  • Planning the trip.

Our Customer Service Center assists in planning and arranging the flight and accommodations if required.

  • Treatment in Assuta.

We are taking care of our guests from the moment of their arrival to Israel. Our medical stuff accompanies patients through all the medical procedures, making sure our guests are satisfied with the clinic’s services. We are delivering individualized treatment to optimize care, making sure the information given to the patient both – orally and written is well explained and comprehended.

  • Post-treatment care

Following the medical treatment /check-up process/ discharge from the hospital our stuff stays in touch with patients. Every patient receives a personalized and detailed health report covering all the medical procedures he or she has had during his/her stay in Israel.

We’re available 24/7 for any questions patients might have.


Cancer treatment Plastic surgery Gynecology and gynecological oncology Gastroenterology
Chemotherapy Surgery Urology and Nephrology Endocrinology
Melanoma treatment ENT surgery Infertility treatment Dermatology
Breast reconstruction after oncology Neurosurgery Pediatrics, treatment of children Ophthalmology
Brachytherapy Neurology Orthopedics Hepatology
Vascular diseases Cardiology Diagnostics Hematology



Юлия Гринберг


Доктор Юлия Гринберг занимает должность старшего врача крупнейшей частной медицинской клиники «Ассута» и является ведущим экспертом по радиотерапии и онкологии в МЦ «Ассута».
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